Parent Perceptions of Schools

By the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in partnership with Qualtrics

What do parents in Southern California look for when choosing a school for their children? How do they feel about their child’s current school? To find out, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Digital Marketing team and the Department of Catholic Schools launched a survey in January 2018.

With almost 9,000 responses, the survey was distributed to the parents and guardians of children enrolled in Catholic schools, public schools, charter schools, private schools, and homeschool in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles including the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties.

The survey results are informing the marketing and enrollment strategy for the Catholic schools in these counties. To learn more, you can download the survey findings summary that offers insight into the parent priorities, enrollment barriers, and student experiences at all schools in Southern California.

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